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My application runs on a computer with multiple network adapters (between 2-4), all are connected to a different Internal Network.

I need to get a specific adapter's ip address to use in my application, the trouble is that I don't know enough information about that adapter. the names of the adapter's are not constant, and neither is the network masking between them or the order in which they are connected (i.e index).

I also can't rely on pinging address using the adapters because as I said they are connected to differnt networks (so a specific address can be raplyed from multiple networks), and because not all adapters must be connected to the networks at all time.

What I do know about the adapters is this:

  • The IP address is static for all adapters (but of course is different between the application many machines).
  • The adapter I need is the computer on-board adapter.

Is there any other information\technique\dark-voodoo I can use to identify the specific adapter?

my application runs in C# -.Net 4, but as this is so critical I would use every CLI, wrapping or script language in my application to solve this.

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In Device Manager network adaptes there is a location. Not sure if 0 always means on-board. And I don't know how to get that information in .NET. –  Blam Jul 10 '13 at 15:50
I tried to go down that road but from what I understand the on-board adapter been the 0 index depends on the kind of motherboard in use. and like so many other factors in my problem it is not constant. –  Matan Jul 12 '13 at 8:59

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