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I am trying to add a list into an already created list. program(Route, FinalRoute). The Route variable is a list which is changed multiple times during the execution of the program, however, there is a stage when Route needs to be appended to FinalRoute.

This process can take place several times, however I am not sure how can I achieve this.

The following is the related (important/required) code which might explain what I am doing right now:

path(_, _, Route, FinalRoute, []):-
    %% code to add Route to FinalRoute

path(Source, Dest, Route, FinalRoute, Conditions):-
    [Cond|Rest] = Conditions,
    get_info(Source, Dest, Path, NewDest),
    path(Dest, NewDest, [Path|Route], FinalRoute, Rest).

The path predicate is not called once but multiple times, hence a simple Route = FinalRoute will not suffice.

So Route can be [1, 2, 3] then FinalRoute should be [[1, 2, 3]].

When Route is [4, 5, 6] then FinalRoute should be [[4, 5, 6], [1, 2, 3]], etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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In (pure) Prolog we can't assign to a variable. At any point, it's either free or bound.

Then I can't answer meaningfully to your question. The solution depends on the context where path/5 get called. Some alternatives are:

  • assert(route(Route)), and collect them all when your program is done.
  • use findall(FinalRoute, path(Source, Dest, Route, FinalRoute, Conditions), AllRoutes)
  • add an accumulator, playing a role similar to current Route/FinalRoute pair

edit an accumulator is easy to add, but it will be useful only if you actually call path without backtracking, thus (say, in 'forward' mode).

path(_, _, Route, RoutesSoFar, [Route|RoutesSoFar], []).
path(Source, Dest, Route, SoFar, AllRoutes, Conditions):-
    [Cond|Rest] = Conditions,
    get_info(Source, Dest, Path, NewDest),
    path(Dest, NewDest, [Path|Route], SoFar, AllRoutes, Rest).
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Could you please elaborate a little on the accumulator part. Also, the findall/3 doesn't help as initially i need to add all Routes to FinalRoute, but the FinalRoute cannot be appended with the Routes again and again. – Namit Jul 10 '13 at 17:00
Thanks for the update, however, my program strongly requires backtracking. – Namit Jul 10 '13 at 20:51
Yes, I think you should try to adapt your program flow to findall, or assert and then collect all. – CapelliC Jul 10 '13 at 20:59
findall does not play along well either, as for the same example as you provided AllRoutes cannot be updated multiple times. Hence, leading to the same problem. – Namit Jul 10 '13 at 21:03

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