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Been working on a 3D free camera for a while but somehow I cannot make the cursor invisible when I want to.

Here's some code :

 while( window->device->run() )


          CursorPos= window->device->getCursorControl()->getRelativePosition();

      while( window->GetReceiver()->IsMouseButtonDown(1) )
      position2d<f32> ActualCursorPosition = window->device->getCursorControl()->getRelativePosition();

             CamYaw += (ActualCursorPosition.X - OldCursorPos.X) * 256.0f;
             CamPitch += (ActualCursorPosition.Y - OldCursorPos.Y) * 256.0f;






The program enters the first if ( CursorPos is getting the right value ) and it also enters the second if ( it puts the mouse back ). It is also known that it enters the first If when I press the right mouse button and enters the second one when I release the right mouse button.

My problem is : When I press the mouse button everything from the first if happens but the setVisible function. The cursor is still visible after I press the button. When I release the button it enters the second if and actually turns the mouse invisible.

I have tried to change the agruments from false to true and so on but it didn't work.

How do I fix this? What am I doing wrong?

Edit due to comment

I am attempting the next thing : when the right mouse button is pressed you can rotate the camera ( other than that the camera is stuck ), but when you rotate the camera I also want the mouse to be invisible.The camera rotation thinggy is taken care by the while between the ifs.

A Mouse Button state goes through : Pressed,Down,Released and Up. The functions return the right values and basically the program should run like this: Enters the first if, does it's thing, enters the while , rotates the camera and things like that while the right mouse button is pressed then goes into the last if and makes the cursor visible and moves it back from where it went invisible.

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Understand your problem, but what are you attempting to do when hiding the cursor on press/release? Was that just a test to verify code flow? –  notNullGothik Jul 10 '13 at 16:37
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