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I'm trying to map two Entities (see extract below) with a one to zero relationship. I have a Store entity and a StoreType Entity and I want my stores to have an optional StoreType but I don't need the StoreType to Store relationship. I tried to apply the solution found here. It works for the StoreType (I don't have relationship to store anymore) but I still get an error when I try to get my stores (Invalid column name StoreType_Code). Also, to make my code a little bit more complicated (!), the column names for the keys are not consistents or standards but I can't change it so I set my properties to match the database columun names. Any ideas ?

public class Store
    public int StoreNumber{get;set;}
    public string StoreTypeCode{get;set;}
    public virtual StoreType StoreType{get;set;}
    //other properties

public class StoreType
    public string Code{get;set;}
    public string Description{get;set;}
    //Other properties


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Dummy mistake (sad trombone sound here) ! The Store class have a lot of properties and I found that the StoreType property has been defined twice with 2 differents names ...

I hope it will help someone else if you're stuck with the same issue.


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