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I'm hijacking __NR_read (sys_read call) and each time I hijack the original syscall with my own syscall, it causes a crash in bash (in all open KDE "konsoles") (that is, as soon as I hijack sys_open).

I'm wondering if this is a bug in my code (probably) or it's happening because of something else.

My question is: if the crash is caused because of my code, what is causing it exactly and how (if possible) can I fix it? If the crash isn't caused by my code, what is causing it?

My code is here: https://github.com/alexandernst/procmon/tree/master/procmon_kmodule

syshijack.c is where I get the syscall table and hookfns.c is where I hijack the syscalls.

PS: I already asked this question before here Hijacking sys calls but it changed now, as the crash happens as soon as I hijack the syscall.

* EDIT *

I think the bug is comming from hook/unhook calls, so I created an issue https://github.com/alexandernst/procmon/issues/7 Anyways, I can't see what is causing the crash/freeze.

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Hook engine works fine on my x86_64 without IA32 part and without your code in hooked_sys_read except r = real_sys_read(). Digging your code I've found that there might be a problem with IA32 hooking as:

#define HOOK(F, RF, FF) RF = sys_call_table[F]; sys_call_table[F] = FF;
    #define HOOK_IA32(F, RF, FF) ia32_sys_call_table[F] = FF;

.. so HOOK_IA32 doesn't stores the RF value as it implemented in HOOK macro. Check it out.

As for the others... The path_from_fd seems ugly to me.

Good luck ;)

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Sorry for not answering before. I was at the office. Yes indeed, there was a bug in the HOOK IA32 macro. I just pushed a fix. Anyways, that wasn't the problem. The virtual machine I'm testing on keeps freezing whenever I call hook/unhook a few times. –  alexandernst Jul 15 '13 at 17:05
Hey, do you know that VirtualBox (and may be other VM's) doesn't emulate sidt instruction properly? I've found that sidt returns wrong value in my case and used different symbol lookup method to get sys_call_table entry. It seems that you've the same problem... –  Ilya Matveychikov Jul 15 '13 at 18:58
Oh. So perhaps my module is working just fine on real machines? I wasn't willing to test it on my real machine, but maybe I should. Let me give it a try –  alexandernst Jul 15 '13 at 21:02
Nope, bad decision. It just froze my entire machine and I had to power it off... :( –  alexandernst Jul 15 '13 at 21:07
Try to only call the real sys_read function within the hook?... –  Ilya Matveychikov Jul 16 '13 at 13:22

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