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i need convert a string, like 37152548 to 371525,48 or 371525.48 i'm trying number_format() and floatval() but unsuccessful.

$var = '37152548';

$var = number_format($var, 2);

echo $var; // output 37,152,548.00
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try dividing by 100 :) –  waldol1 Jul 10 '13 at 16:22
Do you mean $var/100? –  Antony Jul 10 '13 at 16:22
number_format returns a string. floatval works fine; it returns a float of the value you gave it. What exactly are you trying to do? –  Rocket Hazmat Jul 10 '13 at 16:22
This string comes from an import file, and I need to do calculations with it. –  Bruno Correa Jul 10 '13 at 16:30
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You can try

$var = '37152548';
echo number_format($var / 100, 2, ".", "");


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It's working correctly. 37152548 is a whole number, so number format will just add in the commas. If you want the last 2 numbers to be on the other side of the decimal, you need to divide it by 100

$var = number_format($var/100, 2);

If the var was '371525.48', then it would format it the way you want. If you want it without commas, then try

$var = number_format($var/100, 2,'.','');
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PHP will convert your string to number anyway. As for the decimal place, since you say:

i need convert a string, like 37152548 to 371525,48 or 371525.48

... well, divide by 100:

$var = '37152548';
echo $var / 100; //outputs 371525.48

If you want to be sure you have a number, then use floatval (as it returns a number intead of a string like number_format):

$var = '37152548';
$var = floatval($var) / 100;
echo $var; //outputs: 371525.48
echo '<br>'; //new line
//And you can do calculations:
echo $var - 500; //outputs: 371025.48

floatval converts your string into a floating point variable. Note: PHP does not distinguish single and double precision, in fact doubleval is just an alias of floatval.

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