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What happens right now:

1) User goes to PROJECT_URL/admin/login/ and is presented with the usual form to enter username and password. 2) Enters both and clicks "Log In". 3) Successfully logs in, but doesn't go anywhere, staying at PROJECT_URL/admin/login, which is replaced with this error:

Page not found (404) Request Method: GET Request URL: PROJECT_URL/admin/login/

The requested admin page does not exist.

You're seeing this error because you have DEBUG = True in your Django settings file. Change that to False, and Django will display a standard 404 page.

If the user manually deletes the login/ part of the address in the address bar and hits enter to go there, they can successfully access the admin just fine.

I keep hitting a brick wall trying to look up workarounds. All I need is for the login page, on a successful login, to go to the URL I tell it to go to, but I can't find any way to do this. Thoughts?

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Django's admin site login works without redirects. Admin site just hooks on every request started with "/admin/", and if the user is not authorized - shows login form on the same url. I.e. if you want to give access to the admin itself - just point users on "/admin/", without "login/". If you want to use login form for your project - write an appropriate view or use one provided by Django.

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