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Following off of this question,

After connecting to a peripheral, I can retrieve its CFUUIDRef, which is unique, and can use it to reconnect via retrievePeripherals. However, I have found that I can not use it to reconnect after closing the application.

Is the unique UUID generated after a connection only valid for the lifetime of the application or are we supposed to be able to save it for later use? I am trying to have my application remember one particular peripheral, but besides peripheral.UUID, I don't know of any other unique identifiers.

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Long story short, YES you can use the UUID to reconnect to the same device even after you close the application (in exactly the way you say). I've done it with every single one of my corebluetooth apps and I guarantee you 100% that's exactly how you should do it.

I assume however, that you are not pairing with peripheral?? That's a big problem right there. You need to actually establish the pairing request and get the peripheral to show up in the bluetooth table. The UUID will then be solidified with the iOS device and will remain until you flush the Network Settings of the iOS device. (This of course being dependent on ble chipset..While this stands true for some of the most common devices in the industry, it can be accomplished without it though. Indicate your chipset and I'll confirm if I know one way or the other)

The other possibility is that your BLE device has a firmware problem, wherein after you disconnect, it forces itself into advertising mode or something. This will also mess with your ability to reconnect. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Ah, pairing is exactly the issue that I need to fix. My main problem right now is that I'm developing without a complete BLE module to work with. So can you tell me what, if anything must be done on the app/iOS side when pairing? I've asked this question before, but the answers were hazy. I'll find out the chipset and get back to you on that. Thanks! – loadedion Jul 10 '13 at 17:16
The iOS side really is dependent on the chipset (also firmware) lets talk after you find that out..dont wanna give you bad intel – Tommy Devoy Jul 10 '13 at 17:22
@TommyDevoy Just to clarify: Is pairing done when we get to the 'didConnectPeripheral' function and go further to discover services or is there some other procedure to be followed to pair to a particular device? – Jobs Jan 19 at 11:18

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