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I am using the following code in corona to create a random images at random position each time i run my code, but when i run the code i get all the random selected images on the same position on the screen

Here is my code please give suggestion.. thanks in advance

---- in the create scene this code is places

letterHolder = {} 
numOfImages = 10 

for i=1,numOfImages do
   letterHolder[i] = display.newImageRect("images/myImage.png", 20, 20) 
   letterHolder[i].x = math.random(0, display.contentWidth) 
   letterHolder[i].y = math.random(0, display.contentHeight) 
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I tried your code and it's seems ok, they random in different locations, can you specify your problem more? – NaviRamyle Jul 10 '13 at 17:19
Is this the whole code you pasted? I've had similar issues when I was messing with randomseed. The problem with randomseed is that for the same seed you will get the same set of random numbers. Anyway.. if this is the whole thing try to add math.randomseed(os.time()) before your for loop. Make sure you don't call this code more often than once per second! – Krystian Jul 10 '13 at 19:04

Just try the following method. This may help you:

local letterHolder = {}
local numOfImages = 10
local xPosArray = {}
local yPosArray = {}
local randX,randY = 0,0
local xExists,yExists = 0,0

local function positionImages(i)
  randX = math.random(display.contentWidth)
  randY = math.random(display.contentHeight)

    xPosArray[i] = randX
    yPosArray[i] = randY
    xExists = table.indexOf( xPosArray, randX )
    yExists = table.indexOf( yPosArray, randY )
    if(xExists~=nil and yExists~=nil and xExists==yExists)then
      print("Place already occuped")
      print("Can place here")
      xPosArray[i] = randX
      yPosArray[i] = randY

for i=1,numOfImages do
  letterHolder[i] = display.newImageRect("images/myImage.png", 20, 20)
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