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I'm starting with a blank page developing a new web tool, and am considering Dart. From a pure language point of view, I prefer Dart over JS.

Since Dart is VM-freindly, is there any downside of going with Dart? Seems to me that if (in the future..) the browser supports native Dart, my application will run very fast.. and if the browser doesn't support Dart, then the compiled JS should run just fine.

Currently, (and correct me if I'm wrong), all the major browsers don't support Dart (though I'd imagine Chrome will eventually). Does anyone see this changing?

Again, whats the downside? If Dart is picked up, great! If not, it just defaults to JS..

Thanks for your advice!

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Makes sense to me to use it. Seems like using sass instead of regular css. With the correct tools there is really no overhead when developing and if it makes you more productive, go for it. –  Reason Jul 10 '13 at 17:11
This question may give rise to endless discussion. –  mezoni Jul 10 '13 at 17:18
@mezoni Maybe, I'm just trying to see if any big red-flags get raised that would perturb me going with Dart –  gone Jul 10 '13 at 17:22
How many exists people in the world so many may exists different opinions. –  mezoni Jul 10 '13 at 17:27
Hi, did you give Dart a try? I'm just now playing with it and am on the fence. Dart or Typescript. Typescript is JavaScript and the compiler will take frameworks and libraries that are in JavaScript without problems. It seems that the Dart examples compile to hundreds of lines of code, maybe this can be reduced by closure compiler (it removes dead code so unused methods in added libraries will simply be removed) but I'm not sure if that'll break it. –  HMR Nov 16 '13 at 9:42

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There are a lot of variables to consider. Here are some points to ponder:

Support: Will you be working on the project yourself or will you have a team? If you need a team, they need to learn Dart too. Is that feasible? What if you need more programmers? Consider the ease of finding a JavaScript developer versus a Dart developer.

Evolving Language: Dart hasn't hit 1.0 yet and is still evolving (though the core libraries have been locked down). Are you agile enough to evolve with the language?

Compiled JS: At this point you should consider this the only way to deploy Dart on the client. Yes, Chrome is pretty much guaranteed to get a Dart VM at some point but there is no given timeline, so it would be bad to plan around this. But do you really need the Dart VM? Dart2js code should run just fine.

3rd party libraries: Dart hasn't had enough time to build up the amount of libraries that JavaScript has. Do you need 3rd party libraries? If you do, can you get by with Dart JS-interop?

If you're looking to build an enterprise app, working with a large team of developers, Dart isn't the right tool yet (pick something like GWT instead), but if you're one guy iterating quickly the benefits of Dart should be compelling enough to use it. If you're somewhere in between, you'll have to decide whether to use Dart or whether you feel safer using TypeScript/AngularJS/etc.

Personally, I feel that the productivity benefits of using Dart are enough to outweigh most possible issues that may arise.

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+1 for making the point about Javascript developer vs Dart developer much clearer :P –  Esailija Jul 10 '13 at 17:45
+1 for mentioning 3rd party libraries: I started a new project using GWT way, way before it had editable data grid and CellTable.… In my case lack of a mature set of widgets eventually made development too slow compared to other available tools (JS, MS technology). –  user77115 Jul 14 '13 at 5:04
Consider your UI requirements before proceeding with Dart in it's current state. –  user77115 Jul 14 '13 at 5:13

One can speculate but I personally don't think other browsers will support Dart ever.

It is different from using a CSS preprocessor. You cannot use 3rd party javascript libraries out of the box, get less support e.g. when you ask a question on StackOverflow there won't be a huge community to answer it like in Javascript and people are less likely to contribute to your project if you are open source. For example when Discourse switched from CoffeeScript to Javascript they got more contributions.

So if these downsides can be ignored for your project or you are willing to suffer them even if they cannot be ignored then you should consider Dart.

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"One can speculate but I don't think other browsers will support Dart ever." Ya I've considered that - and I think it's a real possibility. But I mean, Chrome has to, right? And also good point on 3rd party libraries. –  gone Jul 10 '13 at 17:18
@gone well Chrome probably will. But what is the point? The performance gains over modern JITted javascript are nothing to get excited about. It is overall academically a better language of course but that is not affected whether you compile to js or have it interpreted by first-class VM. –  Esailija Jul 10 '13 at 17:25
Anyone not sure about the performance argument should really watch the 2013 I/O session where the authors of V8 & Dart explain why they're not going to make any greater leaps in V8, but can do with Dart. –  Chris Buckett Jul 10 '13 at 19:19
@ChrisBuckett great link. Thank you! –  gone Jul 10 '13 at 19:25
I think Dart's VM has a good chance to eventually be adopted. Look at it this way. Chrome is the most used browser in the United States. Many companies may want to use Dart just to compile it to Javascript (for the development benefits of its structure). Then if Chrome has the Dart VM, those websites A. work faster than other websites on the most used browser, encouraging other companies to use Dart, and B. work faster on Chrome than other browsers, putting more pressure on other browsers to implement a Dart VM. Maybe it's just optimistic thinking on my part, but that's what I think. –  CorayThan Jul 14 '13 at 6:25

Dart FAQ help you to understanding some aspects.

Just constructive answers on frequently asked questions.

No direct links because it may be changed on future.


  • Why Dart?
  • Is the language really what needs to be fixed in web development?
  • Is Dart going to divert community effort from JavaScript-based web development?
  • Is Google planning to put Dart under the control of a standards body?
  • Until that point, how will you be taking input on changes to Dart?
  • Why didn't Google make Dart an open standard right from the start?
  • What's the future for GWT?
  • Why didn't Google build a bytecode VM targetable by multiple languages including Dart?


  • Isn't Dart a lot like JavaScript?
  • Isn't Dart a lot like Java?
  • How does Dart compare with using the Closure compiler on JavaScript?
  • How does Dart compare with CoffeeScript?
  • What does Google think of TypeScript?
  • How does Dart relate to Go?
  • Why isn't Dart more like Haskell / Smalltalk / Python / Scala / other language?
  • Why isn't Dart syntax more exciting?
  • Is it really a dynamic language if it doesn't have eval() or adding fields to a value at run time?
  • Can Dart add reflection?
  • Can Dart add tuples, pattern matching, non-nullable types, partial evaluation, optional semicolons, ...?


  • Does Dart have type inference?
  • Why are type annotations optional?
  • Why is the type system designed to be unsound?
  • But don't you need sound typing information to get high performance?
  • Why do type annotations have no effect on the runtime behavior?
  • Why are generics covariant?

Usage and tools

  • Should I write my web app in Dart?
  • How does Dart code interoperate with JavaScript libraries?
  • I have a large JavaScript codebase. How would I migrate it to Dart?
  • I have a large application written in GWT. How do I port it to Dart?
  • What browsers do you plan to support as JavaScript compilation targets?
  • What browsers support Dart now?
  • Why was the JavaScript output for "Hello world" so big?
  • How do I debug Dart code after it's been compiled to JavaScript?
  • Will any valid Dart code compile to JavaScript, or are there limitations?
  • Does Dart support JSON?
  • Can Dart run on the server?
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