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I'm trying to create a photo tagging system, however I'm running into a small problem. When I click on the add tag button, the tag box doesn't show up in the correct position. Every time I show the tag, it is pinned to the bottom left corner of the image regardless of where I tag on the photo. I've logged the x & y coordinates and they are correct, it's just the box that doesn't display properly. Also, the exact same code runs fine locally but not when I deploy. Any thoughts? The link to the jsfiddle

var addTag = function(){
    var position = $('#mapper').position();
    var pos_x = position.left;
    var pos_y =;
    var pos_width = $('#mapper').width();
    var pos_height = $('#mapper').height();

    $('#planetmap').append('<div class="tagged"  style="width:'+pos_width+';height:'+
        pos_height+';left:'+pos_x+';top:'+pos_y+';" ><div   class="tagged_box" style="width:'+pos_width+';height:'+
        pos_height+';display:none;" ></div><div class="tagged_title" style="top:'+(pos_height+5)+';display:none;" >'+



var showTags = function(){
    $(".tagged").css("border","5px solid #EEE");
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there was an extra }); with no matching close brackets can you check the integrity of the code snippet posted? – franklin Jul 10 '13 at 17:29

CSS requires you to define units when referring to size and location, otherwise it discards it. You need to include "px" after your location values.

$('#planetmap').append('<div class="tagged"  style="width:'+pos_width+'px;height:'+
            pos_height+'px;left:'+pos_x+'px;top:'+pos_y+'px;" ><div   class="tagged_box" style="width:'+pos_width+'px;height:'+
            pos_height+'px;display:none;" ></div><div class="tagged_title" style="top:'+(pos_height+5)+'px;display:none;" >'+

Make sure you are loading the dependent scripts when you deploy your code.

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This worked perfectly! Such a simple solution, thanks!!! – Eric Filkins Jul 14 '13 at 19:43

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