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Weird question, How can I implement branching in the Gridview Scrollviewer?

I'm using ListViewBase.ScrollIntoView to handle the event for No and scroll into "Screen End". But, I'm stuck on how to handle the Yes on Screen5.

Scenario: (--> = Swipe/Scroll || "Screens" are items in a scrollable gridview)

Screen1 --> Screen2
Screen2 --> Screen3
Screen 3 has Yes/No question
Clicking No goes to **Screen End**.
Clicking Yes goes to Screen 4,
Screen4 --> Screen5
Screen5 has Yes/No question.
Clicking No Goes to **Screen End**.
Clicking Yes goes to screen 6, 
Screen 6-->Screen 2.

Swipe/Scroll back on Screen 2 should go to Screen 6.

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You need to describe what you need in more detail. It's unclear what you expect to happen from your notes. –  Filip Skakun Jul 11 '13 at 3:28
@FilipSkakun Think about the Store. you have 1000 app's/games listed there. At one moment 100(1 screen) apps are displayed on screen and you slide right to go to next 100(screen 2) . Lets say on apps in the range of 500-600(screen 5) you have a button which takes you to apps in range of 200-300(screen 2). I achieve this by ListViewBase.ScrollIntoView(200). But, now swiping to left will take me to apps in range of 0-100, how do I make it go to apps in range of 500-600? –  user732029 Jul 16 '13 at 17:55
I think you'll need to implement a custom control similar to, but different than a ScrollViewer. –  Filip Skakun Jul 17 '13 at 16:21

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