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is it possible to make an exception with strip_tags, something like:

strip_tags("<b>Bold</b> no more! <div>hellooo</div>", :except => "<strong>")

or more of a tag

strip_tags("<b>Bold</b> no more! <div>hellooo</div>", :except => ["<strong>", "<div>"])

I would like to remove all tags from string except <strong></strong> tags.



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Use Rails sanitize method directly (which is what strip_tags calls).


# Custom Use (only the mentioned tags and attributes are allowed, nothing else)
<%= sanitize @article.body, tags: %w(table tr td), attributes: %w(id class style) %>
Thank you very much! –  hyperrjas Jul 10 '13 at 18:27

If you want this to be global, try adding this code to config/application.rb

class Application < Rails::Application
  config.action_view.sanitized_allowed_tags = 'table', 'tr', 'td', 'strong', 'div'

Your method call would remain the same.

If you want it on a per-call basis, check out this answer:

Rails sanitize remove default allowed tags

There, you would create a new helper method that would do the same -- but all the extra nonsense would be in the helper method, and not on each call.


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