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I need to convert a Number to Arabic Word. Does anyone have a code sample or library for that in C#,

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Start with this:

This converts to english, so change the code to convert to arabic.

If you need actual words back in arabic see this:

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Arabic is different from English in a sense that counting a feminine noun is different than counting a masculine noun. Arabic language uses duals; which affects counting as well. Translating an English "number to words" algorithm would give you a head start but you need to take care of the grammatical differences. has a Numbers-in-Words .NET libary that supports Arabic. They have a demo application that you can download and fiddle around with. Check out their website for more details.

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I used to have the same problem, and after days of searching the internet, I finally came to a very simple, customizable, and easy to learn solution, you can find it at the following link

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