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I try to click button using find(.class).click just like usually, but sometimes, it doesnt work, so I have to change to execute_scirpt, it will work. I wonder why this happen, sample code will be:(this html are created when I click edit button)

<input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary f-light f-semibold" value="Save Changes">

I tried all kinds of ways, click_on "Save Changes", find().click/... and sometimes, it will throw exception like nonodeattached.

Same situation happened to fill_in function

<input type="text" class="user_email input-big f-light f-semibold" value="" name="user[email]">

I believe there must be a lot of people meet the same problem. Any one can discuss with me?

Regards, Lian Wu

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I used to have a similar problem and found it to be caused by the fact that the element was clicked too soon (the event listener had not yet been added to the button I was clicking).

For some reason, using execute script worked when clicking such an element, but just adding a sleep after finding the button also worked in my case.

I ended up having to make sure that every element on the page had finished loading before trying to click anything, and once I did that, would work 100% of the time

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