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I am searching on net but not find single place where i can check live example of Modernizr.

Does any one have link of examples OR any http://jsfiddle.net/ demo page.

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css3pie.com - this solves 3 out of your 4 problems at least :) –  daniel Jul 10 '13 at 18:44
Do you want an example using the tests (i.e. with Yep/Nope to load js conditinally?) or just the classes added to the body? ALA has an example of modernizr in use. –  Nick Tomlin Jul 10 '13 at 18:45

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It may be a little overkill to test support for all of these properties (a browser that does not support border-radius is probably not going to support Gradients etc.) you can use Modernizr.load and pass an array of tests to test for support and load a file conditionally:


      test: [Modernizr.csscolumns, Modernizr.borderradius, Modernizr.transition, Modernizr.bordershadow],
      nope: 'css3pie.js', // file to be loaded if tests fail

Additionally, since a lot of these are visually related things, you are probably better suited dealing with this by using using modernizr's classes (i.e. no-borderadius) rather than loading js.


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