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I've been working on a Django-Mongodb application. I was trying to use django-registration module in my project, but never got it to work.


Have anyone used django-registration in their django-nonrel? If you do, can you point me some instructions? What should User model look like since it is in django-nonrel?

Thanks in advance,

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Since nobody really answered it, and I figured it out. I will just answer my own question as the reference for others who might be having the same problem.

I found it easier to use Mongoengine Authentication backend on top of Django authentication. Use the following in settings.py.


SESSION_ENGINE = 'mongoengine.django.sessions'


Apart from that you use pretty much the same code as in regular django, and a bit different at accessing the user from request. Just need to:

from mongoengine.django.auth import User

And if you use form in django, you probably end up using form for mongodb instead. https://github.com/jschrewe/django-mongodbforms

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