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We're trying to build a client jar that includes unpacked depenedent jar's. And the manifest should have class-path entries to the dependent jars. The snippet below works but the jars are unpacked - how can we stop the jars from being unpacked?




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Indeed, assembling using jar-with-dependencies causes maven to unpack all the dependencies as ${assembly.dependencySets.dependency.unpack} is set to true in the corresponding assembly descriptor.

A simple fix would be to provide an assembly descriptor similar to the jar-with-dependencies.xml and modify ${assembly.dependencySets.dependency.unpack} to false, like this:

EDIT: For an unknown reason, the behavior when using <unpack>false</unpack> is not exactly the same and it seems necessary to add <outputDirectory>/</outputDirectory> to the fileSet or you don't get the expected result.

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I would also add <dependencySets><dependencySet><useProjectArtifact>false</useProjectArtifact></‌​dependencySet></dependencySets>. – yegor256 Dec 19 '10 at 11:20

The solution proposed by Pascal Thivent defines a new assembly for the Maven assembly plugin. The Maven assembly plugin offers defaults assemblies which are 'bin', 'jar-with-dependencies', 'project' and 'src' producing various predefined bundles.

A new assembly has to be defined in a new xml file, most of the time located in src/assemble. Then it will be loaded instead of the predefined one, this way:


          <!-- disabled predefined assembly -->

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