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How to access bookmarks from theme's Velocity template in Liferay?

I am accessing bookmarks with the code like

target_bookmark = BookmarksEntryLocalServiceUtil.getBookmarksEntry(Long.parseLong(target_bookmark_id.toString()));

from portlet java code.

How to do similar thing from within Veocity code of a theme?

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Assuming that you have bookmarkId available in theme, you can use the following snippet in your velocity template of the theme

#set($bookmarksEntryLocalService= $serviceLocator.findService("com.liferay.portlet.bookmarks.service.BookmarksEntryLocalService"))

#set($target_bookmark = $bookmarksEntryLocalService.getBookmarksEntry(bookmarkId))

More info can be found in the following link

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What if either service or bookmark not found? – Dims Jul 10 '13 at 21:33
I have not tried it yet, but can you see if you do like this if($target_bookmark), does it check for null and then only process. Otherwise use $validator.isNotNull($target_bookmark) – Sandeep Nair Jul 10 '13 at 21:40

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