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I have this code for a popup system for a forum I'm making, but the code is not working on google chrome, yet it works on mobile safari.

document.getElementById('test').innerHTML="JAVASCRIPT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL";
var w=window.innerWidth;
var h=Math.ceil(window.innerHeight/19);
var popup=new Kinetic.Stage({container:'notification',height:h,width:w});
var pla=new Kinetic.Layer();
var box=new Kinetic.Rect({x:0,y:0,width:w,height:h,fill:'#646362'});
avio=new Image();
  var avi=new Kinetic.Image({x:3,y:3,image:avio,width:40,height:40});
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What exactly isn't working? –  projeqht Jul 10 '13 at 20:57

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Works for me on Chrome27/Win7.

By any chance are you getting a security alert in Chrome Inspector--Could be CORS?

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