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I'm a database programmer, but I have never used data flow/diagram program. I would like to explain some Data Diagram to a client. Question - what is a program that will allow me to easily create a diagram to explain some data tables and process (windows)?

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Well, Visio is the most omnipresent, and it does a fair job.

I personally prefer Enterprise Architect or Visual Paradigm for UML for my diagrams. I find Visual Paradigm more user-friendly in terms of building the diagrams, but EA better for the actual presentation of the diagrams.

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I have used dia successfully and it does the job! :)

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Microsoft Visio, if you have it (or can get it). If not, some alternatives I've worked with are dia, Yed, and InSight.

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If the diagram isn't too complicated or if the tiny details don't matter that much you could also use a whiteboard, imho that always works pretty good, especially if your face to face and you can walk them through the datamodel.

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There are also some online options to do diagramming, http://creately.com/ for instance.

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