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Hi I have a rails app with a simple HTML form. One of the fields called description is a text_area and I want to be able to display its input exactly how is was entered on the index page.

For example:

If someone enters input into the text area as a list. I want it to display exactly like that.

Sample description input


When I submit the form with this input, the following string is stored as the description field "-list1\r\n-list2\r\n-list3". And when I output description like so:

<div class='light panel radius bottom'>
  <%= job.description %>

This is the output:

-list1 -list2 -list3

I know if I wanted I could just parse the \r\n and replace it with a <br>. But that seems like a really ridiculous solution to something that should be easy.

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Yes, you do need to use HTML tags to create line breaks, because browsers do not respond to "\n". HTML layout rendering looks at HTML tags, not text content.

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Yep, you want simple_format (…) – Philip Hallstrom Jul 10 '13 at 21:30
exactly what i was looking for! thank you – user2158382 Jul 10 '13 at 21:37

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