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I have a question about QLineEdit stuff. I created a QVBoxLayout element and using addWidget(widget) to add some QLabel or QComboBox to the layout. Most of them works fine except QLineEdit as you can see in the images I posted. QLineEdit just take half space of whole window. My question is how to prevent this? (I am pretty sure it is the problem of QLineEdit because tested them all by removing each widget, without QLineEdit I will get something like first image)

these are code for adding QLineEdit.

m_qtLeftValue = new QLineEdit;
m_qtLeftValue->setFixedWidth( 20 );
m_sidePaneLayout->addWidget(m_qtLeftValue, 4, 0, 1, 1);

where m_sidePaneLayout is defined as this:

// add sidePane to UI
QWidget *sidePaneWidgetHolder = new QWidget(this);
m_sidePaneLayout = new QGridLayout(sidePaneWidgetHolder);

// add to m_gridLayout
m_gridLayout->addWidget(sidePaneWidgetHolder, 0, 3, 9, 1);

hoping anyone can help me with this question, thanks !

result that I want result that I DO NOT want

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Make your sidePaneWidgetHolder a custom class derived from QWidget and override it's sizeHint() to return a reasonable default, and set a sizePolicy on it - You'll probably want QSizePolicy::Maximum for as vertical policy.

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