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I am interested in making an app that logs into a system that uses Single Sign on with ADFS and SAML.

Now I am happy to read up on it, I just was wondering if there is anything out there that is specific to the iOS platform and how this integrates, maybe even with a demo app.

I have found this website: Single Sign-On for Desktop and Mobile Applications using SAML and OAuth

I do realise that this is not an "coding problem" question, but I am sure they will come out of this when I start developing:-)

I hope some of you are able to provide some helpful information on this:-)

Thanks in advance.

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The latest version of ADFS (3.0, included in Windows server 2012 R2) has a feature called "workplace join". This can be used to join iPads etc. to active directory and get single sign on and storing a certificate on the iPad. Here is a nice overview of ADFS 2012 R2.

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Ha almost a year later I see this answer :-) I will look into this :-) – Jeff Kranenburg Feb 19 '15 at 0:43

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