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So , adding a body class is easy. But I want to keep my programming clean. And thus create an external function, which I can pass the class name I want to a function, and add that to the body_class...without having to edit the body tag on each page

What I'm trying to accomplish is // /partials/announcement.php // my code for creating an announcement... // now call the add_body_class custom function a7_add_my_body_class('announcementOne'); // more code so maybe another announcement use announcementTwo

Then in the functions.php would be the custom callback

function a7_add_my_body_class($bodyClassToAdd){
     //how to pass new body class variable to the 

How do I pass that custom class variable to this function below?

function a7_bodyClass_callback($classes) {
    global $post;
    array_push($classes, $myvar);
    return $classes;

Thank you!

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