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I have tried a lot of things, and it seems that my project executes "maven-war-plugin" twice.

Because of this I can't run optimizations like merging all the classes into a single jar (using maven shade plugin).

I am pretty sure that the appengine-maven-plugin is calling the maven-war-plugin to create the appengine packaging. I know that because I tried removing my own definitition of "maven-war-plugin" and it's still execute "magically". Does it makes any sense to be in that way?

My pom.xml is:

                    <!-- in order to interpolate version from pom into appengine-web.xml -->


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It looks like you are explicitly running the war plugin twice, you have another execution declared in the executions section for that plugin. The appengine-maven-plugin just declares that package phase must have completed. It doesn't care what happens during packaging. is a good example of how to do this.

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Matt, you can completely remove the maven-war-plugin from that package and it will still run. In another words: I can't customize the maven-war-plugin configuration. – Rafael Sanches Jul 10 '13 at 23:30
Just replicate the issue: $ git clone $ vi pom.xml (remove the whole declaration of maven-war-plugin) then execute $ mvn package – Rafael Sanches Jul 10 '13 at 23:31

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