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I've an application that reads from an online database the current version of the application itself, when I make some changes to the application I use to create a new msi setup and put it on my server, than I change the version inside the database and when the application starts it notices that there is a newer version and asks to the user for the update. During the update it downloads the msi file and it launchs it after the download: now the problem.. when the user tries to install the new version a popup message appears saying that another version of the software is already installed in and it can't overwrite it! Any ideas?

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I have tried to go down this road before, trust me when I say this... find a popular deployment tool and use it. The headache of attempting to have your application self-update is not worth it. Personally, my issues with UAC frustrated me enough to just give up going down that road. – m-y Jul 10 '13 at 23:30

Have you looked into using ClickOnce deployment?

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There are some feature that ClickOnce does not cover like the installation conditions – ThomasSquall Jul 11 '13 at 0:38
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I've solved the problem using WIX

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