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I want to have keyboard shortcut in Vim to copy a whole function from a Powershell file to the Windows clipboard. Here is the command for it:

1) va{Vok"*y - visual mode, select {} block, visual line mode, go to selection top, include header line, yank to Windows clipboard.

But it would work only for functions without an inner {} block. Here is a valid workaround for it:

2) va{a{a{a{a{a{a{Vok"*y - the same as (1), but selecting {} block is done multiple times - would work for code blocks that have 7 inner {} braces.

But the thing is - the (1) command works fine when called from a vim function, but (2) misbehaves and selects wrong code block when called from a vim function:

function! CopyCodeBlockToClipboard ()
    let cursor_pos = getpos('.')
    execute "normal" 'va{a{a{a{a{a{a{Vok"*y'
    call setpos('.', cursor_pos)

" Copy code block to clipboard
map <C-q> :call CopyCodeBlockToClipboard()<CR>

What am I doing wrong here in the CopyCodeBlockToClipboard? The (2) command works as expected when executed directly in vim.


I've noticed that:

  • if there are more a{ then the included blocks in the function
  • then vim wouldn't execute V

Looks like vim handles errors differently here. Extra a{ produces some error and regular command execution just ignores it. But execution from withing a function via :normal fails and wouldn't call V (or probably any command that follows the error).

Any workaround for this?

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From the looks of it you want to do this from any arbitrary position in the function. Is this correct? – FDinoff Jul 10 '13 at 23:41
True. Any position in a function that uses {} braces for code blocks and always uses one line for the function header. – FallenGameR Jul 10 '13 at 23:54
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Try this function

function! CopyCodeBlockToClipboard() 
    let cursor_pos = getpos('.')
    let i = 1
    let done = 0
    while !done
        call setpos('.', cursor_pos)
        execute "normal" 'v' . i . 'aBVok"*y'
        if mode() =~ "^[vV]"
            let done = 1
            let i = i + 1
    execute "normal \<ESC>"
    call setpos('.', cursor_pos)

This preforms a execute command to select blocks until it fails to select a block larger block. ([count]aB selects [count] blocks) It seems when the selection fails we end up in visual mode. So we can use mode() to check this.

When this function exits you should be in normal mode and the cursor should be restored to where you started. And the function will be in the * register.

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Thanks! It works =) – FallenGameR Jul 11 '13 at 20:23

This macro should come close to what you want to achieve:

?Function<CR>  jump to first Function before the cursor position
v              enter visual mode
/{<CR>         extend it to next {
%              extend it to the closing }
"*y            yank into the system clipboard
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I know how to record this macro via q. But I don't know how to put it in a function. ':normal ?Function<>CR' apparently doesn't work. Also I can save such macro in bin form, but that wouldn't preserve the current cursor position. – FallenGameR Jul 11 '13 at 20:20
Here is what I came up with. But it doesn't work and my vim knowledge is not enough to figure out what's wrong: function! CopyCodeBlockToClipboard() let cursor_pos = getpos('.') let @q = '?function\|filter<CR>v/{<CR>%"*y' execute 'normal @q' call setpos('.', cursor_pos) endfunction – FallenGameR Jul 11 '13 at 20:31

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