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I have the test below and if there are any fixtures for this model it fails with total_unapproved and new_total being equal instead of new_total being one less. If I remove loading the fixtures in test_helper.rb or comment them out it runs as I expect.

Here's the class function that sets approvals to true. It definitely works.

def InviteRequest.approve_invites(number)
  inv_reqs = InviteRequest.where("approved = ?", false).first(number)
  inv_reqs.each do |inv_req|
    inv_req.approved = true

Here's the test that calls the above function.

require 'test_helper'

class InviteRequestTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase

  test "class method approve_invites(number) should approve 'number' InviteRequests" do
    # ensure there is at least one instance
    inv_req = InviteRequest.create(email: "hobojoe@test.com")

    # set all InviteRequests.approved to false
    InviteRequest.all.each {|r| r.approved = false; r.save}
    total_unapproved = InviteRequest.where("approved = ?", false).count
    Rails.logger.info "\nUnapproved Before: #{total_unapproved}"
    new_total = InviteRequest.where("approved = ?", false).count
    Rails.logger.info "Unapproved After: #{new_total}\n"

    assert_equal total_unapproved - 1, new_total

Any idea why? I'm not using the fixtures in any other tests but maybe I will someday.

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We're mot mindreaders - how does the test fail? –  sevenseacat Jul 11 '13 at 1:26
Super sorry about the vagueness. Should be more clear now. –  kjs3 Jul 11 '13 at 3:04

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My fixtures weren't valid and changing them fixed the problem. I'm still not exactly sure how things were failing though. My fixtures looked like this:

  email: MyString

  email: MyString

This would fail my uniqueness validation and not save but I'm not sure why the newly created model wouldn't have 'approved' set to true and still be saved since it's correct.

Anyway, changing the fixtures to this fixed things.

  email: someguy@example.com

  email: somegirl@example.com
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Maybe validation fails when you're calling InviteRequest#save? Try to replace save with save! and check to see if the test still passes.

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Didn't change anything. See my answer. –  kjs3 Jul 11 '13 at 18:08

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