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I am writing a program for counting the score of two users. The game ends when either of them scores a ten and the respective player wins.

I wrote the while loop as:

while (score1 != 10) or (score2 != 10):

and my program does not terminate.

Here is the code:

player1 = input("Enter name for Player1")
player2 = input("Enter name for Player2")

print ("Score for Player1 is: %d,Score for player2 is :%d" %(score1,score2))

while (score1 != 10) or (score2 != 10):
    player =input("enter name for player")

    if player is player1:
    if player is player2:
    print ("Score for Player1 is: %d,Score for player2 is :%d" %(score1,score2))
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Looks like you want

while (score1 != 10) and (score2 != 10):

since you want the loop to end as soon as either one of the scores reaches 10, at which point score != 10 will be false and, consequently, the entire loop-condition will no longer be satisfied.

(score1 != 10) or (score2 != 10) would require both scores to be 10 before exiting.

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Thank you,That helped.:) –  RamyaV Jul 11 '13 at 1:03

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