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I am new to C# as a whole and was wondering how I would achieve the functionality described below. Currently this is not compiling at the indicated lines. What I would like the code to do is:

Iterate through each KVP, Query the db using the keystring as the table name Return a list

var dbCon = dbConnectionFactory.OpenDbConnection();
Dictionary<string, Type> ibetDic = getFromSomeWhere();
foreach (KeyValuePair<string, Type> entry in ibetDic)
        Type type = entry.Value;
        var typedRedisClient = redis.GetTypedClient<type>();/*not compiling here*/
        String sql = "USE ibet SELECT * FROM " + entry.Key;
        var itemList = dbCon.SqlList<type>(sql);/*not compiling here*/
        foreach (var tableRow in itemList )
            //store with redistypedclient
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Closest thing to an answer I have found however this means that I have to pass in the type rather than be able to access it through the dictionary as I was wanting above:

public void GetAndStoreIntKey<T>(string tableName) where T : IHasId<int>
        var dbCon = dbConnectionFactory.OpenDbConnection();
        String sql = "USE ibet SELECT * FROM " + tableName;
        var items = dbCon.SqlList<T>(sql);
        var typedRedisClient = redis.As<T>();

        foreach (T item in items)
            typedRedisClient.SetEntry(UrnId.CreateWithParts<T>(new string[] {item.Id + ""}), item);

Usage like :

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