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I'm using CKEditor as part of the WYGWAM plugin for ExpressionEngine, but at the core my issue is a CKEditor issue.

I have some custom HTML markup for certain UI elements and thus far have had no problems using the templates_files and CKEditor 3 Templates to use them.

However, for some reason, not all the markup of each HTML template is being preserved. In the following case with applying expand/collapse accordion list, the first "toggler" isn't preserved when going to the next < li > item.

The code:

CKEDITOR.addTemplates( 'default',
    imagesPath : CKEDITOR.getUrl( CKEDITOR.plugins.getPath( '../../../../wygwam_assets' ) + 'template-thumbs/' ),

// Template definitions.
templates :

        /* toggler */
            title: 'Expand & Collapse List',
            image: 'testing.png',
            description: 'Create a collapsed list of expandable items.  When each title is clicked, the content below will animate open and reveal the full content.',
                '<div class="toggle_wrap"><ul>' +
                '<li><div class="toggler">ITEM_TITLE</div><div class="togglee">ITEM_CONTENT</div></li>' +



Oddly enough, when pressing enter at the end of the last line for the < li >, the next item on the list is added with the following output:

        <div class="togglee">

The togglee div is there! But why oh why not the toggler?!

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See if setting allowedContent to true in your config for CKEditor makes a difference. This is used to strip style and class attributes etc. so basically strip out content that is not allowed by default.


CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
    config.allowedContent = true;
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