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I have a form TForm based on table T. There is a Yes/No field Choice in T. To add this field to TForm, I added a checkbox ChoiceCheck to the form. I am trying to get ChoiceCheck's value in another class, SQLPreparer, which I am using to construct SQL statements based on values in TForm:

Private Function controlToValueStr(ctrl As Control) As String

If ctrl.name = "ChoiceCheck" Then
    controlToValueStr = ctrl.Value
    'return the control's value wrapped in quote marks
    controlToValueStr = quoteWrap(ctrl.Value)
End If

End Function

However, when I call SQLPreparer.controlToValueStr() and pass ChoiceCheck, the ctrl.Value statement gives me this error:

Run-time error '438':
Object doesn't support this property or method

I'm able to get the value in the class for TForm itself as follows:


All of the text box controls of type string work in both situations. I'm also having this problem with a textbox whose type in T is a Long.

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The problem was that the I had named the label ChoiceCheck, not the checkbox itself. The same issue was present with the textbox. In both cases, changing the control names in Design View to match the VBA code resolved the issue.

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Yes, it works because VBA is weakly typed and a function returning String can be assigned an Integer value. E.g. if ctrl has a value of 0, controlToValueStr will return "0". –  sigil Jul 11 '13 at 19:56

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