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Playing around with Single Table Inheritance and hstore in Rails 4 but getting an error when trying to call method in the parent:

# models/item.rb
class Item < ActiveRecord::Base
  def getter_setter_for(key)
    define_method(key) do
      properties && properties[key]

    define_method("#{key}=") do |value| = (properties || {}).merge(key => value)

# models/disk_item.rb
class DiskItem < Item
  %w[filename path].each do |key|
    getter_setter_for(key)               ##  <== error calling this method


Exception encountered: #<NoMethodError: undefined method `getter_setter_for' for #<Class:0x007f8c739a5ae0>>

What obvious thing have I overlooked?

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getter_setter_for(key) is an instance method. But its getting called at the class level. It will be called during the DiskItem class load on class scope.

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doh! thanks! def self.getter_setter_for(key) fixed it! – Meltemi Jul 11 '13 at 3:36

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