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I am attempting to do some basic testing using jasmine. I use an external library & what I intend to do is spy/mock the method calls on the library object (d3) and make sure appropriate methods are called on d3.

        var d3Spy = jasmine.createSpyObj('d3', ['select']);
        spyOn(window, 'd3').andReturn(d3Spy);

When 'select' is being called on the object, I get this error.

TypeError: Object function () {
spyObj.wasCalled = true;
var args = jasmine.util.argsToArray(arguments);
spyObj.mostRecentCall.object = this;
spyObj.mostRecentCall.args = args;
spyObj.calls.push({object: this, args: args});
return spyObj.plan.apply(this, arguments);
 } has no method 'select'

What am I doing wrong?

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The failure in your code is the following

spyOn(window, 'd3').andReturn(d3Spy);

This line wil return the spy only when you call d3(). So it replace the d3 object with a function that when its called returns the {select: jasmine.createSpy()}. But using d3 you will never call d3() cause select is a static member of d3

So the solution is just to spy on `d3.select'

spyOn(d3, 'select')

Btw. the problem with libs like D3 that use heavy chaining is, that its hard to mock. So the select spy in your example has to return the an object which fits the d3 Selections object and so on. So sometimes it would be easier to not mock out everything.

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You just pointed out 'all the issues' I was having. I had reverted from the solution you proposed as things were getting more complicated due to chained method calls. For now, I have stopped spying on all method calls and only spy on method calls that are important & have simple chained method calls. –  Andy Jul 11 '13 at 22:56

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