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I'm just newbie to Linux Shell Scripting. What i need to know is, normally in the command line, we simply use:

# ls /var/log
audit            ConsoleKit     cups        maillog           messages           ntpstats  secure-20130616   spooler-20130623  vsftpd.log-20130616
boot.log         cron           dmesg       maillog-20130616  messages-20130616  prelink   secure-20130623   spooler-20130701  vsftpd.log-20130623
... . . . ..


# ls /var/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ls: cannot access /var/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: No such file or directory

So with the Shell Script:

  • How can i run the command: # ls /var/aaaaaaaaa
  • and then detect if there is the output string ls: cannot access or not?

Note: You may ask me whether i want to detect just the Failure. Or the output string. I'm very keen to know the both way. Thank you.

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Do you really want to check that output string, or just detect failure? –  tjameson Jul 11 '13 at 4:29
Actually you may say the FAILURE, to check whether the directory is there or not. But i also keen to know how to check the output strings also. –  夏期劇場 Jul 11 '13 at 4:30

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To check for a directory:

if [ ! -d '/var/aaaaaaa' ]; then
   echo 'no dir!'

For file:

if [ ! -f '/var/aaaaaaa' ]; then
   echo 'no file!'

To check output:

if ls '/var/aaaaaaa' 2>&1 | grep 'No such'; then  
   echo 'no such'; 

To check when ls fails:

if ! ls '/var/aaaaaaa' &> /dev/null; then 
  echo 'failed'
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Thanks!!! Worked as i expected! –  夏期劇場 Jul 11 '13 at 4:46

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