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In this post Gert Grenander makes a suggestion to format the date field to 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss'.

How would I convert from 'YYYYMMDD' to 'dd/mm/yy' in my SQL call using the same method?

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select date2, 
       (substr(digits(date2),7,2) concat '/' concat 
        substr(digits(date2),5,2) concat '/' concat 
       ) as mmddyy
  from datesample


  Signed                       CHAR       
 data type  DIGITS ( DATE2 )  MMDDYY  
----------  ----------------  --------
20130711    20130711          11/07/13

You'll need to convert the decimal value (DATE2) to string via DIGITS, then use SUBSTR to extract the pieces you need, then use CONCAT (or ||) to reassemble them including the delimiter you want. If your 'date' column is character, you can leave out the conversion to character.

select date4, 
       (substr(date4,7,2) concat '/' concat 
        substr(date4,5,2) concat '/' concat 
       ) as mmddyy
  from datesample


  CHAR     CHAR        
data type  MMDDYY 
---------  --------
20130711   11/07/13
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You can use CONVERT function in SQL for Converting to desired format

SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(15), @your_date, 103)

More Here

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+ 1 for the link .. bookmarked it –  mmhasannn Jul 11 '13 at 5:26
Yeah, great link for those using SQL Server. Unfortunately, the question is tagged ibm-midrange which means they are on an IBM iSeries or Power System (the system Watson runs on) and the database, DB2 for i, is embedded into the OS, IBM i. Nonstandard TSQL syntax won't work on standards compliant DB2 for i. –  WarrenT Jul 11 '13 at 11:03

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