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The title of the question speaks itself. For more assistance I would like to tell that my app has been developed using the Apple Photo Scroller(A modification of Apple's PhotoScroller sample code to load the UIPageViewController inside a UIViewController subclass ), with multiple image galleries. The problem is the pinch-to-zoom functions perfectly on ipad2 but not on retina iPads. My images are of size 2048x1536.

Can anybody tell me why the zoom is not working on retina iPads?

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I would start by checking that the contentScaleFactor is set to 1.

From PhotoScroller's TilingView.m file:

// to handle the interaction between CATiledLayer and high resolution screens, we need to
// always keep the tiling view's contentScaleFactor at 1.0. UIKit will try to set it back
// to 2.0 on retina displays, which is the right call in most cases, but since we're backed
// by a CATiledLayer it will actually cause us to load the wrong sized tiles.
- (void)setContentScaleFactor:(CGFloat)contentScaleFactor
    [super setContentScaleFactor:1.f];

See these related questions and answers here and here for more info on contentScaleFactor.

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