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I have a DataGridView on a C# Forms Application I'm trying to sort.

Originally I wanted to sort by the date, but when sorting it treats it like a string. Example:


Sorts to


Because its only looking at the first character. Once I couldnt solve this I tried to sort by an ID column. Since my data is stored by date anyways I figured I could give them an ID when loading and sort off that, but the same issue occurs. 11 comes before 2 because it starts with a 1 kinds deal.

Any ideas how I can solve this?

Here is my code for reading in the data:

string[] rowArray = new string[] { arService[0], arService[1], arService[2], arService[3], arService[4], arService[5], arService[6] };

The array is read in from a comma delimited text file and split.

Here's my new code, but it's still providing the same results. What am I doing wrong now?

  int n = dgvSubmissions.Rows.Add();
  dgvSubmissions.Rows[n].Cells[0].Value = arService[0];
  dgvSubmissions.Rows[n].Cells[1].ValueType = typeof(DateTime);
  dgvSubmissions.Rows[n].Cells[1].Value = arService[1];
  dgvSubmissions.Rows[n].Cells[2].Value = arService[2];
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Your data is string. Convert them to DateTime.

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