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I tried to customise form inputs in my web-app, and to do this I had to clear default browser styles with

-webkit-appearance: none

So in Chrome and Safari I have nice looking checkboxes, radio etc. But in FF and Opera looks like both styles are active, mine and the browser's. Is there way to deactivate default styles for FF, IE and Opera?

UPDATE: I've already tried -o-appearance: none and -moz-appearance: none, it gives no result.

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Firefox and IE don't (yet) support the appearance property.

However, you can easily customize inputs such as checkboxes and radio buttons with pure css.

The implementation involves hiding the input and using the label (with the before pseudo element for the custom styles) to trigger the input

See this FIDDLE for cross-browser customized inputs.

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Many thanks for this, it is good solution! –  Braggae Jul 11 '13 at 8:03

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