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I have a webpage that has an onbeforeunload script that prompts the user when they take an action that would navigate away from the current page.

How do I interact with this popup using Watir? My current approach looks like this:

$, 'Dashboard').click_no_wait

hwnd = $ie.enabled_popup(10)
assert(hwnd, 'The expected \'leave this page?\' popup was not shown')

win =
win.clickWindowsButton_hwnd(hwnd, "OK")

The problem is that if I use "click no wait" the popup is not created, and the test times out. If I use "click" then the popup is created, but the test hangs after it opens.

Any suggestions?

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Watir community here is small, you should also post this to –  Željko Filipin Nov 19 '09 at 10:46

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Do you want to assert dialog message?
I try your code, but could not find solution.
This is to try to catch dialog then when popup,get msg while 5sec. polling per 1sec.

$, 'Dashboard').click_no_wait
@autoit ='AutoItX3.Control')
  5.times do
    if @autoit.WinWait('Windows Internet Explorer','',1)==1 then
      @autoit.WinActivate('Windows Internet Explorer',"")
      @dialog_text = @autoit.WinGetText('Windows Internet Explorer',"")
      dialog_pop = "YES"
      dialog_pop = "NO"
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