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I need to write HTML from my .java page. Here is what I have tried

This is my tml code fragment


This is my java code fragment

public String testFunction()
   return "<input type='checkbox' name='leaf' id='leaf' value='leaf'/>"

The result I want is a checkbox. What I get is a string "input type='checkbox' name='leaf' id='leaf' value='leaf'".
Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

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If you want to render string as html you need to use MarkupWriter#writeRaw() method:

void beginRender(MarkupWriter writer) {
  writer.writeRaw("<input type='checkbox' name='leaf' id='leaf' value='leaf'/>");

Or you can use OutputRaw component:

<t:outputraw value="testFunction()"/>

Or you can use Renderable to write markup:

@Property(write = false)
private final Renderable checkbox = new Renderable() {
  public void render(MarkupWriter writer) {
        "type", "checkbox",
        "id", "leaf",
        "name", "leaf",
        "value", "leaf");

    // if you need checked attribute
    // writer.getElement().attribute("checked", "checked");

And on template:

<t:delegate to="checkbox"/>
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