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I'm using the sonata_type_model of the SonataAdminBundle.

I get the dropdown of the other model like I want to. But there is also a "New" Button to create the referenced model. Is it possible to remove this button?

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Ok, my bad.

The new button is the part that makes this field type special. To just get a choices field all one has to do is choose "null" as type and it creates a choices field.

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In case you're using the query option too, you can't switch to the choices field, since the option is not available.

Setting btn_add to false will do it.


->add('myEntity', 'sonata_type_model',
    array('query' => $this->modelManager->getEntityManager('Acme\HelloBundle\Entity\MyEntity')->createQueryBuilder('m')
        ->from('AcmeHelloBundle:MyEntity', 'm')
        ->where('m.type = ' . MyEntity::PIZZA),
        "btn_add" => false
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