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I have to update my android app on Google Play Store. For signing the apk, previous developer had used Personal Information Exchange file, which is named as mycert.p12. I used the following command to get the keystore from this file:

keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore e:\mycert.p12 -destkeystore e:\DSTMobile2013\key\mycert.keystore -srcstoretype pkcs12

The keystore imported successfully, but when I signed my apk with this keystore and uploaded it on Google Play, it gave me following error:

You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs are signed with the certificate(s) with fingerprint(s):

[ SHA1: C7:BE:C1:F7:72:F6:1D:87:53:49:74:2E:63:67:5A:63:27:07:F1:72 ] and the certificate(s) used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint(s):

[ SHA1: 26:20:F8:1F:48:43:FF:8E:AE:A8:0B:37:CE:22:C8:3D:85:89:F8:B3 ]

From, the error, it clear that the keystore used to sign the previous apk and the one which I used to sign my apk are not same. I am not getting why is it not generating same keystore or did I made any mistake. Please suggest.

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Are you sure you accessed the "production" keystore and not a debug / dev / test copy ? –  IanB Jul 11 '13 at 9:23
ya, I am quiet sure. –  Nitish Jul 11 '13 at 10:02

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