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I wrote simple method which checks if a number is Armstrong number. But now I want to modify default Number class putting method. So, I have code:

def is_an(number)
    (number.to_s.split(//).map(&:to_i).inject{|x,y|x+y**(number.size-1)}) == number ? true : false
p is_an(153)

I want to use it as method: 153.is_a? So, how I do this?

class Number
   def is_an
      ??? How to use object data over here? ???

Thx a lot for reading.

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Use self to replace number in the formula. – halfelf Jul 11 '13 at 9:18
or even just drop the variable name altogether, though that is sometimes less readable – Neil Slater Jul 11 '13 at 9:19
I tried, but it won't work. I found the problem: I had to use Fixnum class, not Number. Thanks. – user2571879 Jul 11 '13 at 9:23

Incorporating @mikej's answer, plus replacing number with self:

class Fixnum
  def is_an
    digits = self.to_s.split(//).map(&:to_i)
    digits.inject(0) { |x,y| x+y**digits.size } == self

But I would suggest a name change, to make it more Ruby like. Instead of #is_an, which isn't very descriptive, how about #armstrong? then you can call:

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Not an answer to your original question, but there are a couple of small bugs in your code. You need to pass 0 to the inject to use as an initial value. Otherwise, inject takes the first value from the list as the initial value. Your current code seems to work for 153 because 1^3 == 1 but it would return false for 370, for example, when it should return true.

Also, the size method on Fixnums doesn't return the number of digits in a number.

Finally, a minor point: the ? true : false isn't needed because the value of the ... == number expression is already the required boolean value. So a possible updated method would be:

def is_an(number)
    digits = number.to_s.split(//).map(&:to_i)
    digits.inject(0) { |x,y| x+y**digits.size } == number
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