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Is is possible to use ACE threads in c++ for execution of different tasks?

e.g if suppose user create two threads named threadA and threadB. once they finish execution on certain functions, can we use same thread threadA and threadB for some other operation?

If possible then how ?

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks & Regrads Vikas

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what's the benefits? anyway, you can create your own class derive from ACE_Task

class myjob : public ACE_Task< ACE_MT_SYNCH >
    //derived from ACE_Task
    virtual int open( void *arg = NULL );
    //derived from ACE_Task
    virtual int svc();

than call


in open(); run your job in

int svc()
    while( _running )

you can pass messages warpped by ACE_Message_Block( myjob::putq( ACE_Message_Block *pmb, ACE_Time_Value &timeout) ) to myjob, than choose what to do.

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