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I'm using the Kendo UI Grid with ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework and OData. I have also the Record ID inside the grid - so far so good.

But when I click on "Add new record" in the toolbar the ID column shows me a 0 while I'm editing the data.

And after I click on the "Update" button it doesn't change to the correct ID (which has been returned by the service):


When I refresh the page/browser the correct ID is shown.

Here's my Post Method:

public override HttpResponseMessage Post(AssetListViewModel item)
    // #### MG: CREATE ASSET
    RSAMS.WebUI.Models.Asset asset = new Asset();
    asset.Manufacturer = item.ManufacturerName;
    asset.Name = item.Name;
    asset.SerialNumber = item.SerialNumber;
    asset.AssetStateID = 1; // IN USE
    asset.NextCalibration = item.NextCalibration;

    // #### MG: RESPONSE
    item.ID = asset.ID;
    item.AssetStateID = asset.AssetStateID;
    var response = Request.CreateResponse<AssetListViewModel>(HttpStatusCode.Created, item);
    response.Headers.Location = new Uri(Url.Link("OData", new { id = item.ID }));
    return response;

And here's the datasource js (part of it):

dataSource: {
type: "odata",
pageSize: 25,
serverSorting: true,
serverPaging: true,
transport: {
    create: {
        url: "/api/AssetList",
        dataType: "json"
    read: {
        url: "/api/AssetList",
        dataType: "json"
    update: {
        url: "/api/AssetList",
        dataType: "json"
    destroy: {
        url: function (data) {
            return "/api/AssetList([RW-PARAM])".replace("[RW-PARAM]", data.ID);
        dataType: "json"
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The Field will display "0" text, because this is the default value of the "RecordID " property (this is default behavior). It also supports setting its value after the data is retrieved.What you can do is to clear the value manually:

 function onGridEdit(e) {

        if (e.model.isNew()) {
            e.model.set("RecordID", null);

This code needs to be placed in the grid edit event handler.

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