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I am using IMAP Protocol to read e-mails from a SMTP server. I would like to know who changes the email status from unread to read ? Is it done by the SMTP server or by the e-mail client ?

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SMTP stopped being involved when it delivered the message to the IMAP server. Typically, the IMAP server sets a message's flags to unread when it first arrives, and removes this flag when you fetch the message.

In theory, a client could keep its own local per-message state independently from the server's, but for read / unread status, this doesn't make much sense. For other metainformation, this may be used as a mechanism for other kinds of message status; for example, Thunderbird's message tags do not appear to be saved on the server.

Incidentally, there is a peek option in the IMAP protocol for examining a message without affecting its unread status.

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