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I am trying to add bank account to customer. But I am getting following error.

Bad Request: 400: Invalid field [card_uri] - "/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP29J5STPtZVvnjAFndM0N62/bank_accounts/BA7bk9dLT3My3fhAmZejgrKq" does not resolve to card Your request id is .....

Bank account successfully added.

Python Code:

customer = balanced.Customer().save()

Javascript init

/balanced.init('/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP29J5STPtZVvnjAFndM0N62/',{'debug': true});


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The error message says that:

/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP29J5STPtZVvnjAFndM0N62/bank_accounts/BA7bk9dLT3My3fhAmZejgrKq" does not resolve to card

You're doing a:


You should do this instead:

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