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I have the following requirement: I want to have a router or actor that forwards messages to 0-* actors (destinations).

The destinations register and deregister themselves at the router via registration and deregistration messages (like listeners).

My idea was, to have a Map in a "RoutingActor", which holds the references of the destinations. But if I do implement it this way, I cannot use "AkkaSystem.actorOf(RoutingActor.class)" because I may get different actors, right?

So, what is the correct solution here? I want to build a router/dispatcher which can change the message destinations during runtime from these destination Actors.


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Thanks for your answers, I'm going to use the Eventbus mechanism now. This appears to be the right pattern for my requirements. –  Soccertrash Jul 15 '13 at 20:48

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Create a single instance of your routing actor first, giving it a name so that it can be looked up again later elsewhere. Then later and elsewhere, use actorFor instead of actorOf:

val router = system.actorOf(Props[RoutingActor], "myrouter")

Then somewhere else:

val router = system.actorFor("/user/myrouter")
router ! msg

Or if you are using Akka 2.2:

val router = system.actorSelection("/user/myrouter")
router ! msg
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Use actorFor/actorSelection to find the router actor by path.

Use Listeners to help you implement the router actor functionality.

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